Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering (Non-thesis)

Please contact Admissions at for admission requirements.

The student’s Graduate Advisor is automatically the Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs, except for distance students doing their degree from the Engineering Education Center in St. Louis. For these students, their Graduate Advisor is Dr. Xiaodong Yang. Students may also select another faculty member from the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department if he/she wishes.


In order to obtain a Masters of Science degree (non–thesis option) in Mechanical Engineering, a student must:

  • complete at least 30 total credit hours of lecture courses
  • complete at least 24 credit hours in the MAE department
  • complete at least 9 credit hours of 6xxx lecture courses, at least 6 credit hours of which is in the MAE department

† No course below the 5xxx level may be applied to the degree requirements. A maximum of 4 credit hours of special problems may be applied to the degree requirements. A graduate student accumulating 10 or more credit hours of C and F grades shall no longer be a candidate for an advanced degree from Missouri S&T

In order to earn a graduate degree, all students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher in all graduate work taken at Missouri S&T, as well as for all graduate courses listed on the program of study (Form 1 for master’s students and Form 5 for doctoral students). 

Register for classes, after consulting with your Graduate Advisor, before each semester. Complete, in consultation with your Graduate Advisor, Graduate Form 1. This form lists all of the courses you have taken and plan to take. Your Graduate Form 1 must be submitted to the Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs within the semester in which you take your 9th graduate credit hour. If there are any changes in your coursework, you must submit Graduate Form 1A. This form should be done once you are absolutely sure there will be no further changes. The Graduate Form 1 (non-thesis) Checklist‌ can be used to aid this process.


The following pre-graduation checklist can be used to plan the final steps of your program: Graduation Checklist MS Non-Thesis