Our Department consists of three programs which offer eight degrees, and is the largest academic department on the Missouri University of Science and Technology campus.

Your undergraduate design experience will begin in your freshman year with a "design and build" challenge and continue throughout your studies in the form of hands-on design projects and laboratories that correspond to the theory you are learning.  You will have the opportunity to broaden or focus your degree on coursework in areas like automation, vibrations, controls, robotics, rapid prototyping, fluid dynamics, energy conversion, and laser manufacturing.  The program offers comprehensive graduate education in a number of areas including but not limited to: dynamics and controls; manufacturing; materials and structures; mechanical design; and thermal and fluid systems.

This undergraduate program permits students to gain theoretical knowledge by involving them in numerous opportunities to participate in hands-on design and research projects and in competitions.  Students gain technical knowledge in aerospace engineering disciplines in classes that study aerodynamics, materials, structures, stability and control, propulsion, and aircraft and spacecraft design.  The program offers comprehensive graduate education in a number of areas. Aerodynamics, gas dynamics, hypersonics, aerospace system design, aerospace propulsion, aerospace structures, and flight dynamics and control are a few of the areas of emphasis.

Manufacturing Engineering - The manufacturing interdisciplinary program will provide two degree options - a master of science degree and master of engineering degree. Both degree programs are offered in the traditional format as well as through the Internet so the students can access the lectures anywhere at any time.  This program is the only master-degree program of its kind in Missouri and is among the first in the nation.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering is the largest department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology. With 35 faculty members and 14 staff members, we are presently educating over 720 students.

Mission and Objectives


The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at the Missouri University of Science and Technology will be nationally recognized as a premier program in mechanical and aerospace engineering education, innovation, research, and scholarship.


We will provide a rigorous, productive, and relevant academic learning environment for students, faculty, and staff in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department by continually focusing on our core missions of teaching, research, and service.

We will ensure that graduating students are well-educated and sufficiently prepared in the fundamentals of mechanical and aerospace engineering practice and science, such that they have the ability to solve open-ended problems in these disciplines and the capabilities required in order to become competent, productive, and well-rounded professionals.

We will emphasize scholarship, graduate education, and the development of new knowledge and skills in the traditional areas associated with mechanical and aerospace engineering.  Additionally, we will develop cross-cutting multi-disciplinary efforts such that we are widely recognized by local, national, and international research and business communities as respected leaders in research, innovation, and discovery.

We will render meritorious service to our profession through active participation and engagement in service activities in our professional communities at all levels (local, national, and international), as well as in fulfilling campus and departmental governance, outreach, and service activities.


1870-Missouri S&T began as the Missouri School of Mines

1915-official mechanical engineering courses were first offered

1917-the first mechanical engineering undergraduate degree was awarded

1938-aeronautical engineering was recognized as a degree option

1967-the aerospace engineering degree option was added

1969-the first aerospace engineering undergraduate degree was awarded