Energy Research

Our faculty are working on emerging energy related research in areas such as combustion, hydrogen fuel cells; advanced batteries; grid energy storage; alternative fuels; algae and algal bio-fuels; biodiesel; solar cells and thermophotovoltaic energy harvesting; fluid dynamics and thermodynamics of energy systems; control of alternative energy systems; and hypersonic propulsion systems.

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Kelly Homan

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics of energy systems. Heat and mass transfer in buoyant flows, second-law and exergy analysis, numerical simulation of transport phenomena and experimental methods.

Umit Koylu


Research Interests

Conventional Energy (combustion, IC engines, coal power plants, fluid and heat transport), Alternative Energy (characterization of solid oxide fuel cells, modeling of fuel cells, hydrogen technologies, alternative fuels, clean coal technologies), Environmental Science & Technology (air pollutants, particulates, measurement techniques), Various Fields (synthesis of nanoparticles, laser diagnostics, fire safety, thermal engineering)

Jonghyun Park

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Advanced li-ion battery, beyond li-ion battery, energy storage system, renewable energy system, grid energy storage, nano, macro-mechanics of materials, self-assembly of nanoparticles, nanostructure, multiphysics, multiscale experiment and simulation.

David Riggins

Curator's Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus

Research Interests

Fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, hypersonic propulsion systems, computational analysis of jet mixing, flow losses and mixing enhancement in combustors, aircraft gas turbine ramjet propulsion systems, and scramjet performance.

Xiaodong Yang

Associate Professor/ Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs

Research Interests

Optical materials and devices in nanophotonics and plasmonics; Physics and applications of optical metamaterials; Nanoscale optomechanics, optical nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); Integrated optofluidic devices and optical sensors; Photon management for solar/thermal energy harvesting; Optical device micro-/nano-fabrication.