Cooperative Engineering Program

Partners for your success

Missouri S&T offers a mechanical engineering bachelor's degree program in cooperation with Missouri State University (MSU). This means:

  • No travel to the Rolla campus is required.
    • Missouri S&T offers the engineering courses.
    • Missouri State offers the non-engineering courses.
  • Missouri S&T grants your engineering degree.

The cooperative mechanical engineering program is open to all Missouri State students and anyone who wants to earn Missouri’s most valuable engineering degree but can’t come to Rolla.

How to apply?

Begin at Missouri State. After your first year, apply to Missouri S&T. From start to finish, you can take all courses at Missouri State.

  1. First, apply to Missouri State.
  2. Then, declare or change your major to mechanical engineering by contacting the Academic Advising and Transfer Center. An engineering advisor can assist you.
  3. Complete all courses in the freshman engineering curriculum. You must complete the curriculum with a grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher.
  4. Working with your advisor, apply for admission to Missouri S&T and its cooperative mechanical engineering program.

What degree will you earn?

You will earn a Bachelor of Science (BS) in mechanical engineering. Your degree will be awarded by Missouri S&T in cooperation with Missouri State.

Program requirements

Review the mechanical engineering degree plan or the Missouri S&T catalog for full requirements. Once you begin the program, you can take all courses on Missouri State’s campus.

Program credit requirements

  • The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in mechanical engineering requires at least 132 credit hours.
  • You must earn a grade of “C” or better in all mechanical engineering courses.
  • The 132 required credit hours are in addition to credit received for algebra, trigonometry and basic ROTC courses.

Note: Some of the non-engineering courses you take at MSU (like physics and calculus) count for more credit hours than the same courses at Missouri S&T. Thus, the total required credit hours at MSU (132) and Missouri S&T (128) are slightly different for mechanical engineering, but you’ll still take the same amount of courses.

Program outcomes and accreditation

Consistent with the educational objectives listed in the catalog, the cooperative mechanical engineering program meets all ABET requirements.


If you have questions, please contact Linda Flentje (, the cooperative mechanical engineering program academic advisor at Missouri S&T.