Douglas Bristow

Professor/Director of Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies

Research Interests

Dynamic modeling and control of micro- and nano-positioning systems, atomic force microscopes and additive manufacturing systems; volumetric error compensation; iterative learning control, multi-dimensional control, and signal processing.

Robert G. Landers

Curators' Distinguished Professor

Research Interests

Modeling, analysis, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes (metal cutting, wire saw machining, friction stir welding, laser metal deposition, freeze–form extrusion fabrication, glass direct energy deposition, and selective laser melting), estimation and control of electrochemical alternative energy systems (hydrogen fuel cells and advanced batteries) and electro–hydraulic systems, and digital control applications.

Ming Leu

Bailey Professor

Research Interests

Rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing, virtual reality, CAD/CAM, robotics, mechatronics and automatic control. 

Frank Liou

Bytnar Professor/Director of Manufacturing Engineering Program

Research Interests

Metal additive manufacturing process design, modeling, integration, monitoring, and control; CAD/CAM.

Anthony Okafor


Research Interests

Manufacturing including machining, metalforming, machine tool dynamics, acoustic emission, sensors and signal processing, CNC, CAD/CAM, machine tool metrology, neural network and expert system applications; smart structures including intelligent health monitoring and damage assessment of composite structures; non-destructive evaluation.

Heng Pan

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Additive manufacturing, Electronics and photonics manufacturing, Thermal/laser assisted manufacturing, Laser annealing and crystallization, High-throughput and low cost micro/nano-manufacturing, Solution processing of nanomaterials, Molecular dynamics simulation, Transport phenomena in nano-manufacturing processes.