Design & Manufacturing

Laser-Based Manufacturing Laboratory
H. L. Tsai

Research Focus:

To conduct basic and applied research in laser welding, cutting, drilling, cladding, surface treating, marking, micromachining, rapid prototyping via direct metal deposition.

Ongoing Projects:

Keyhole Formation and Collapse

Laser­Material (Powder or Wire) Interaction

Fit-up Problems in Laser Welding

Aluminum Laser Welding


Rapid Prototyping via Direct Metal Deposition

Major Equipment:

A CO2 Laser System: 1700W (CAW), 7500W (Pulse), 4-Axis (24" x 24" x 10" and Rotary Table) Motion System, Frequency Range: 0 ~ 1 kHz, Spot Size < 0.2 mm, Fully PC Controlled Operations. Convergent Energy ARROW Ultimate Model.

A Nd:YAG Laser System: 75W (CAW), 125kW (Pulse), Low Divergence, TEM00 and Multimode, Q-Switched, Pulse Width: 1 to 1000 Ls, Spot Size < 1 Lm, Resolution < 0.2 Lm, Fully PC Controlled Galvo Operations. Lee Laser 818TQ-40 Model.

Weld Sample Preparation Facilities: Cutter, Mounting Press, Grinder/Polisher.

Weld Sample Testing Facilities: Microindenter, Stereo and Metallurgical Microscopes, Metallographic Imaging Analysis System, Laser Power and Energy Analyzer System, Gas Mixer, and several camera systems.


U.S. Army Research Office

Manufacturing Research and Training Center

U.M. Research Board

Watlow Heater Technology Center

Research Team:

Principle Investigator and Contact: Professor Hai-Lung Tsai, phone: 573-341-4945, fax: 573-341-4115, e-mail: