Manufacturing Research Showcase

Welcome to the Manufacturing Engineering Research Showcase page. Witness some of the current research carried out by the Faculty, Students and the Manufacturing related committees at Missouri S&T.











     NDE Multi-modal data fusion slashes aircraft maintenance

     Lead free solder poses challenge for aerospace electronics repair

     Laser based hybrid metal fabrication advances titanium applications

     Manufacturing of high performance polymer composites

     Freeze form extrusion fabrication of ceramics  

     Abrasive slurry waterjets

     Multi-laser beam surface coating technique  

     Radio frequency tagging for inventory management

     Selective laser sintering of high temperature ceramics

     Hybrid laser deposition adds surface hardening

     Modeling drives down composite process cost

     Freeze form extrusion fabrication of metal parts

     Reducing work injuries and costs with fastener ergonomics

     Part repair technology based on hybrid laser deposition and machining

     Making troop vehicles safer with transparent armor

     Non destructive evaluation of damage to metallic fuselage skins saves maintenance cost

     Characterization of ultra high temperature ceramics

     Advances in aluminium weld joint protection

     Virtual operator training and manufacturing process design

     Laser deposition of graded metal alloys for spacecraft heat exchangers

     Model based manufacturing ergonomics simulator

     Multi axis process planner to produce high performance parts with complex geometry

     Lead free solder

     Waterjet assisted titanium milling

     Model based assembly simulation with motion capture