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Business Administration

Lea, Bih-Ru

Ceramic Engineering

Hilmas, Gregory

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Erickson, Kelvin

Kim, Chang-Soo

Sarangapani, Jagannathan

Watkins, Steve E.

Wu, Cheng H.

Engineering Management

Allada, Venkat

Cudney, Elizabeth

Dagli, Cihan

Gosavi, Abhijit

Murray, Susan

Raper, Stephen A.

Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Balakrishnan, S. N.

Bristow, Douglas A.

Carroll, Douglas

Chandrashekhara, K.

Chen, Lianyi

Dharani, Lokeswarappa

Krishnamurthy, K.

Landers, Robert

Leu, Ming C.

Liou, Frank

Midha, Ashok

Okafor, Anthony

Pan, Heng

Stutts, Daniel S.

Song, Yun Seong

Metallurgical Engineering

Newkirk, Joseph W.

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Dr. Venkat AlladaEngineering Management

CAD / CAM / CIM, Concurrent Engineering, Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, Tolerancing

Dr. S. N, BalakrishnanMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Guidance, Stability, Control and Estimation, Pattern Recognition, Stochastic Processes, Optimization, Neural Network Applications to Control, Numerical Methods, Design

Dr. Douglas A. Bristow, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Precision motion control for micro- and nano-positioning systems.  Iterative learning control, robust control, modeling, design, solid freeform fabrication, microscopy, signal processing

Dr. Douglas CarrollMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Energy Management of Solar Race Cars, Aerodynamics of Energy Efficient Land Vehicles, Energy Efficient Chassis and Suspension Design, Plastic Lumber

Dr. K. ChandrashekharaMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Composite Manufacturing, Composite Materials, Smart Structures, Finite Element Analysis

Dr. Lianyi Chen, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and Materials Science & Engineering

Additive manufacturing, nanomanufacturing, smart manufacturing, solidification processing, laser materials processing, metal matrix nanocomposites, metallic glasses, materials for energy efficiency, materials for additive manufacturing, mechanical behavior of materials, synchrotron radiation based x-ray scattering/imaging

Dr. Elizabeth Cudney, Engineering Management

Lean Enterprise, Six Sigma, Mahalanobis - Taguchi System and Robust Design

Dr. Cihan DagliEngineering Management

Smart Engineering System Design, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Intelligent Manufacturing

Dr. Lokeswarappa DharaniMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Aircraft Structures, Fatigue and Failure Analysis, Micormechanics, Composite Materials and Structures

Dr. Kelvin EricksonElectrical & Computer Engineering

Plant wide Process Control, Manufacturing Automation, Digital Control, System Identification and Programmable Logic Controllers

Dr. Abhijit Gosavi, Engineering Management

Quality control and Engineering Metrology, Re-manufacturing, Lean Manufacturing Systems

Dr. Greg HilmasCeramic Engineering

Mechanical Properties, Ceramic Processing, Structural Ceramics, Composite Materials

Dr. Chang-So KimElectrical & Computer Engineering

Solid-state devices, Micro/nanofabrication, Sensor engineering, Nanotechnology, Biomedical micro devices and systems

Dr. K KrishnamurthyMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Intelligent Control, Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery in Manufacturing, Robotics, Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Dr. Robert LandersMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Manufacturing Systems, Metal Cutting Processes, Integrated Design & Control, Supervisory Control, Digital Control Applications

Dr. Bih-Ru LeaBusiness Administration

Interdisciplinary Study in the Areas of Management Accounting Systems, Computer Information Systems, and Operations Management, Business Application of Software Intelligent Agents, Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Impact of Information Technology on Business Strategies and Operations, Impact of Information technology Usage on Business Education in Higher-Education Environments

Dr. Ming LeuMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

CAD / CAM, Rapid Prototyping / Manufacturing, Virtual / Augmented Reality, Mechatronics & Robotics

Dr. Frank LiouMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

CAD / CAM, Rapid Prototyping / Manufacturing, Virtual / Augmented Reality, Manufacturing Automation

Dr. Ashok MidhaMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

High-Performance Machinery Analysis & Design, Machine Vibration and Stability, Rigid-Body and Compliant Mechanism Design

Dr. Susan Murray, Engineering Management

Work Design, Human Systems Integration, Safety Engineering, Human Performance Modeling, and Ergonomics

Dr. Joe Newkirk, Materials Science & Engineering

Additive manufacturing, powder metallurgy, wear and corrosion resistant alloys, high temperature materials, aerospace materials, nuclear materials, and heat treating.

Dr. Anthony OkaforMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

CAD / CAM, Metal Forming, Machine Tool Metrology, Sensors & Signal Processing

Dr. Heng Pan, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Additive manufacturing, Electronics and photonics manufacturing, Thermal/laser assisted manufacturing

Dr. Steve RaperEngineering Management

Production & Operations, Total Quality Management, Packaging Systems Engineering, Packaging Machinery

Dr. Jagannathan SarangapaniElectrical & Computer Engineering

Computer/Communication/sensor networks, Embedded Systems, MEMS/Robotics, Intelligent Control

Dr. Yun Seong Song, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Physical Human-Robot Interaction (pHRI), Physical Human-Human Interaction (pHHI), Human Movement Assistance, Rehabilitation Robotics.

Dr. Daniel StuttsMechanical & Aerospace Engineering

Design & Modeling of Ultrasonic Actuators and Transducers

Dr. Steve WatkinsElectrical & Computer Engineering

Optical Sensing, Smart Structures, Laser Applications, Technical Communication, Engineering Education

Dr. Cheng H WuElectrical & Computer Engineering

Quantum Resistor Network Theory for Wave Computing, Semiconductor Device Modeling, Deep Level Transient Spectroscopy Experiment for Analyzing Defects, Randon-walk Theory and Applications


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