Program and Admissions Q & A

What are the admission requirements (minimum GPA, GRE scores, etc) for a masters program?

We look for the following, 

  • BS in engineering with 3.0 GPA or above.
  • A Minimum GRE verbal plus quantitative score of 302 with quantitative score over 157, and a minimum analytical score of 3.5 are required.
  • For those not speaking English as their native language, a TOEFL score of 88 internet-based, a 230 computer based or 570 paper based is required.

What is the probability of receiving financial aid?

We typically only fund students in the Master of Science program (thesis required). Funding will depend on the number of students that have applied and the funding availability of the faculty and the program in a particular semester. We typically only offer the top 25% of students with assistantships or fellowships before they arrive on campus.  However, our faculty have hired many on-campus students with graduate research assistantships.  In the past five years, almost 100% of Master of Science students in manufacturing received graduate research assistantships or fellowships.  We expect this trend to continue in the coming years.


How can I apply for assistantships?

You can contact our faculty and submit your resume to any faculty you are interested in working with.You could also fill in the online application for financial assistance  once you are admitted into the program.


Where can I find more information about admission requirements, deadlines and procedures?

Look through the University Admissions office link -


Is there a requirement for taking the GRE? Can it be waived?

For the regular masters program, GRE is required.  However, if a student is admitted to the graduate certificate program, he/she does not have to take the GRE, but the student will need to have a B or better in all 4 courses.  By doing so, he/she will not lose any time in pursuing a master’s program.  Several of our students in distance education are taking this route.


For an online degree program, can more than one class be taken at a time and are the classes self paced?

Yes. The student can take his/her own pace to complete the program.


For an online degree program, is it completely on-line and if so is there a requirement for a thesis?

Yes, it is completely on-line, and a thesis is not required (Master of Engineering)


Do I require to have any committee members. If so, how many and who do I have to pick from?

For Master of Engineering, you do not need a committee. You only need the program director to sign your degree documents.

For Masters of Engineering, you need to have an Advisor along with two committee members. They should be faculty within the Manufacturing Engineering Program. A list of faculty involved with the Manufacturing Engineering Program can be found here.