Manufacturing Engineering: Master of Science Curriculum

Master of Science in Manufacturing Engineering (MS MfgE): This degree program is a research oriented degree. The 6 credit hour thesis can provide the opportunity to focus a student into a particular area of interest. This MS MfgE program requires 30 credit hours with a 6-hour thesis: 12 credit hours from the Manufacturing Core Curriculum (3 credit-hour core course from each area); 6 credit hours of 6000 level courses in manufacturing**; 3 credit hours of any suggested manufacturing courses** OR approved Mathematics/Computer Science*; 6 credit hours for thesis research, and 3 credit hours of graduate courses in manufacturing.**

Each student must take at least one core course from each of the core areas in manufacturing engineering, during his/her first two semesters of graduate work. The core requirement may be deemed to be satisfied if a student has already taken a core course as a technical elective in his/her undergraduate program. Thus allowing more freedom in the selection of other courses.

At most 6 credit hours of 4000 level classes can be taken.

Manufacturing Core Curriculum:


Area 1: Materials and Manufacturing Processes:


ME 3653 Manufacturing

ME 5236 Fracture Mechanics

ME 5282 Introduction to Composite Materials & Structures

MET 5810 Principles of Engineering Material

MSE 5517 Materials Selection in Mechanical Design


Area 2: Process, Assembly and Product Engineering:


EMgt 5515/ME 5757 Integrated Product and Process Design

EMgt 5516 Integrated Product Development

ME 5708 Rapid Product Design and Optimization

ME 5763 Principles and Practice of Computer Aided Design

ME 6663: Advanced Digital Design and Manufacturing


Area 3: Manufacturing Competitiveness:


AE/ME 5760 Probabilistic Engineering Design

EMgt 5710 Introduction to the Six Sigma Way

EMgt 5613 Value Analysis

EMgt 5714 Statistical Process Control

ERP 5110 ERP System Design and Implementation


Area 4: Manufacturing Systems Design:

 ME 5449 Robotic Manipulators and Mechanisms

ME 5653 Computer Numerical Control of Manufacturing Processes

ME 5655 Automation in Manufacturing

ME 5478 Mechatronics

ME 6659: Advance Topics in Design and Manufacturing


* Approved Math/Computer Science Courses:


MA 3108 Linear Algebra I

MA 5603 Mathematical Modeling

MA 5108 Linear Algebra II

Stat 5643 Probability and Statistics

Stat 5346 Regression Analysis

Stat 5353 Statistical Data Analysis

Csci 3200 Introduction to Numerical Methods

Csci 2500 Data Structures II

Csci 5102 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Csci 5201 Numerical Approximation and Differential Equations

Csci 5800 Distributed Operating Systems



** Recommended Electives


The elective courses in a manufacturing field are not required to be from the recommended list below, however, the course must be approved by the student's advisor and the student's graduate committee members.


Area 1: Materials and Manufacturing Processes:


CER 4310 Ceramic Processing

CER 5320 Microelectronic Ceramic Processing

ChE 5110 Polymer Processing

EMgt 5311 Fundamentals of Manufacturing

ME 5523 Transport Phenomena in Manufacturing Processes

ME 6657 Laser Aided Manufacturing and Materials Processing

MET 5510 Nondestructive Testing

MET 5430 Metals Joining

MET 5440 Metal Deformation Processes

MET 4160 Introduction to Powder Metallurgy

MET 5617 Advanced Materials Selection and Fabrication

MIN 4413 Materials Processing by High-Pressure Water Jet


Area 2: Process, Assembly and Product Engineering:


Emgt 5315/ME 5644 Interdisciplinary Problems in Manufacturing Automation

ME 6659 Advanced Topics in Design and Manufacturing

ME 5212 Finite Element Approximation I

ME 6212 Finite Element Approximation II


Area 3: Manufacturing Competitiveness:


EMgt 5411 Engineering Design Optimization

EMgt 5711 Total Quality Management

EMgt 5715 Experimentation in Engineering Management

EMgt 6611 Lean Manufacturing Systems

EMgt 6711 Quality Engineering

EMgt 6413 Advanced Engineering Management Science

EMgt 6712 Advanced Topics in Quality Assurance

MET 5540 Metallurgical Failure Analysis

Stat 6344 Design and Analysis of Experiment

ERP 5310 Supply Chain Management in ERP Environment

ERP 3001 Sustainability Management System

ERP 6120 ERP System Configuration and Implementation


Area 4: Manufacturing Systems Design:


EE 5350 Plantwide Process Control

EE 3340 Controller for Factory Automation

EE 5460 Machine Vision

EMgt 4310 Materials Handling and Plant Layout

EMgt 6311 Advanced Manufacturing Systems Integration

ME 6653 Advanced CNC, Virtual CNC, Engineering Metrology

ME 6655 Advanced Automation in Manufacturing

ME 6657 Laser Aided Manufacturing and Materials Processing


Graduate Faculty For The Manufacturing Program


The graduate committee for each student in the interdisciplinary MS manufacturing degree program will consist of at least two faculty from the Manufacturing Education Committee. The major advisor should be a member of the Manufacturing Education Committee.