Manufacturing Engineering by Distance Education

Would you like to increase your salary potential by earning a graduate degree or certificate in a manufacturing engineering discipline without stepping foot on campus?

With today's technologies, Missouri S&T offers many classes by distance education, allowing professionals to continue their education while maintaining their established career.  Most students looking to complete a Master's Degree in Manufacturing by distance learning chose to pursue a Master of Engineering.  Both certificate programs are also offered through distance learning.

You can also complete a Master's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering through Missouri S&T's EEC Program.  Missouri S&T's EEC Program is the Engineering Education Center that serves the population of Greater St. Louis providing evening graduate programs in various engineering and computer-oriented disciplines. This service of Missouri University of Science and Technology is mostly intended for working engineers, computer scientists and information specialists interested in enhancing their qualifications and status via acquiring an advanced degree. Manufacturing Engineering through EEC also visit EEC.MST.EDU

Questions for distance education? Please contact: Vicki Gibbons, Coordinator of Distance Education Program, (573) 341-4892,