Manufacturing Engineering Certificate Programs

The Manufacturing Program at Missouri S&T offers two certificate programs to advance your education: Manufacturing Systems and CAD/CAM & Rapid Product Realization.  Students earning a B or better in each of the four courses automatically qualify for entry into any of our masters programs (thesis and non-thesis).  More information about Certificate Programs, including admission, fees, and schedules, can be found at

Admission Requirements

The admission decision will be made based upon prior degree(s) obtained by the student and the student’s performance in courses fundamental to the certificate, the student’s work experience, and any other information provided by the student. If the student does not have all of the prerequisite courses necessary to take the courses in the certificate program, the student will be allowed to take "bridge" courses at either the graduate or undergraduate level to prepare for the formal certificate courses. Once admitted into the certificate program, the student will be given three years to complete the program so long as the student maintains a grade point average of 3.0 or better in the courses taken.