Intro to Manufacturing Processes Laboratory

In this facility, students enrolled in the laboratory class ME 153 Introduction to Manufacturing Processes are introduced to the different areas of manufacturing and given the hands-on experience they cannot get any other way. ME 153 emphasizes the machine tool industry, which is foremost in the creation of most every product we use in our daily lives--from the car we drive to the shampoo bottle that required a machined mold to be created.

The course teaches basic skills on conventional machines, such as lathes, mills, shapers, grinders, and drill presses. The students also learn about materials and measurements, reading blueprints, laying out parts, and what it takes to complete a project.

According to a recent survey from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, 96% of employers felt that their engineers needed improvement in the understanding of "manufacturing processes"--and 62% of the engineers themselves agreed. The main goal of this lab is to help educate the students in a way that will be beneficial in their future careers and give them an advantage over other engineering graduates in landing that "great job." This hands-on experience, will give them just such an edge.

Future plans for the lab include the incorporation of CNC-use to familiarize students with the high-tech machinery they will see out in industry.