AE Senior Design Laboratory

The laboratory for aerospace senior design activities is located in the Mechanical and Aerospace building. It provides space and equipment for manufacturing remotely piloted aircraft designed by small student teams.

Lab Equipment Setup:


These consist of large segmented tables, which can be arranged to suit the number of design teams in a given class. Aircraft models are constructed and assembled at the workstations.

Engine Test Stand

A test stand is provided for measuring the static thrust of model aircraft engines up to about 1 cubic inch displacement. The stand is mounted on a cart for transportation to an outdoor site.

Weight and Balance

Aircraft component weight, total weight and center of gravity location is determined by the use of a digital scale and a balancing apparatus.


A number of standard woodworking power tools are available in the Lab: a drill press, belt sander, band saw, jig saw, router, circular saw, Dremmel hand-held multipurpose tool, hand saws, wrench sets, and screw driver sets.