MAE Undergraduates Publish Their Research in Additive Manufacturing

Pictured from left to right Brian West, Nicholas Capps, and James Urban. Not pictured Josh Pribe.

Four Missouri S&T undergraduates have been conducting research on applying modal analysis techniques to understand and detect defects in additively manufactured metal components.  Drs. Ed Kinzel, Robert G. Landers, and Douglas Bristow, faculty of mechanical and aerospace engineering, are advising the students in their research.  The four students include Nicholas Capps, Josh Pribe, James Urban, and Brian West.

The students have conducted a number of experimental and numerical studies to determine how defects that arise in parts fabricated with additive manufacturing affect the vibration response of the parts and whether the vibration response can be used as a signature to screen the parts for defects.  The students and faculty work on this project in close collaboration with their funding partners at the Kansas City – National Security Campus (KC-NSC).  To date, the students have produced one journal article and three conference papers, with more to come.

Nicholas Capps is a senior in mechanical engineering. After graduation, he plans to attend graduate school to further his education, likely focusing on additive manufacturing or material science.  Josh Pribe completed his degree in mechanical engineering in Spring 2016 and is now pursuing a Ph.D. degree at Purdue University.  James Urban is a senior in mechanical engineering and will work for KC-NSC after graduation.  Finally, Brian West, also a senior in mechanical engineering, plans to do a post-bachelors program at Los Alamos National Laboratory before starting work on his Ph.D. degree in mechanical engineering.