MAE Receives Federal Grant to Support Graduate Students in Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing continues to be a mainstay of the American economy, accounting for over 18% of the real gross output in 2017. However, manufacturing industries in the United States are facing an increased demand for products that are on the one hand more customized and of higher quality, and on the other hand are less expensive. In addition, US industries are seeing increased global competition. To remain competitive, US industries must fully utilize the latest advances in manufacturing, including new processes such as additive manufacturing, increase the use of computer automation and data/information, implement monitoring and control systems for real-time quality assurance, etc. To achieve this, future engineers must be trained in advanced manufacturing concepts and technologies to create a workforce capable of driving new initiatives and technologies in advanced manufacturing and transitioning the latest ideas from the laboratory into production.

To build this workforce, the U.S. Department of Education has awarded the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Missouri S&T $1,194,000 through its Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (GAANN) project to create a fellowship program. This program, directed by Dr. Robert G. Landers, Curators’ Distinguished Professor of mechanical engineering, will support domestic PhD students conducting research in the area of advanced manufacturing. These students will advance the theories and applications of feedback control, physics–based modeling, simulation–based analysis, engineered materials, etc., as well as advanced manufacturing technologies like metal additive processing, incremental sheet forming, battery manufacturing, etc., to better position the US in the new global economy.

The fellowship offers a yearly stipend of up to $34,000 (based on financial need), a full tuition waiver, resources to conduct research, and an opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty and leading manufacturing industries in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.  This is the third GAANN program directed by faculty in the MAE department over the past six years. The previous two GAANN programs were Direct Digital Manufacturing, directed by Dr. Landers, and Mechatronics, directed by Dr. Douglas Bristow, director of the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies.

For more information on the GAANN Fellowship program: GAANN: Doctoral Research in Advanced Manufacturing