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The Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers Receives Campus Match of $100,000 to Fund New Instructional Laboratory

Due to the overwhelming response to assist in the funding of the student instructional laboratories project in Toomey Hall by Academy members, a campus matching opportunity was presented and awarded!  In a letter dated January 15, 2014 to Joan Nesbitt, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement, President Lisa Sombart wrote in support of the application for strategic funding for enhancing instructional laboratories in the MAE department from Professors Josh Rovey and Doug Bristow.  The letter was in response to the UM System offer to provide a dollar-for-dollar match for all non-appropriated funds, including charitable gifts, contributed for the purpose of enhancing the instructional labs at Missouri S&T.  This application requested funds to purchase a gas turbine engine and a series of dynamics and control systems experiments to integrate into a new instructional laboratory experience into the MAE curriculum.  This was a collaborative effort by the Academy and the MAE Department.


AMAE Strategic Plan and MAE Plan Alignment and Possible Changes

John Eash, 2nd VP and Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee and Past President Bob Mueller with the help of Dr. Jim Drallmeier, MAE Department Chair, have succeeded in aligning the Academy's Strategic Plan to the MAE Department and Campus Strategic Plans.  As a result, they have presented a draft plan to the Board of Directors to realign other AMAE Committee's duties.  Committees have provided feedback regarding these changes.  The Strategic Planning Committee, under the direction of Lisa Sombart (then 2nd VP), has re-designated their membership to include the Chairs of all other AMAE Committees.  The Past President's Council have been an active part in this initiative.  The present By-Laws may need to be changed as a result of the new Strategic Plan initiatives.  Click here to see the Draft AMAE Strategic Plan 2014 with committee designations for each initiative. 


Should the Academy Initiate Membership Dues?

The Academy is considering the possibility of initiating annual membership dues.  The Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers and the Academy of Electrical and Computer Engineering are the only on-campus academies that do not charge membership dues.  Several academies charge anywhere from $250 to $500.  This item had been discussed at the February 12th Board of Directors teleconference.  Treasurer Randall Wood reported that based on the past 3 years of giving history, 60% of the membership did not participate financially.  28% of the members donated 31% of all funds to the Academy.  Only 18 members (that's 12% of the membership) had accounted for 69% of all funds.  There are currently 157 living Academy members of which 93 (or 59%) are members of the OGS.


AMAE Volunteers Answer the 2nd Call

A 2nd request for volunteers to speak at MAE student organizational meetings was distributed and there were several more who have responded.  Thank you to Dennis JaggiBob MuellerJohn EashChris Keene, Joseph Miranti (% Randy Foster and Dayco) and Jerry Canfield (% Jon Jansky and D&S).  They join previous volunteers Vance HavensRandall WoodWillard Jenkins, and Dr. Darrell Pepper.  THANK YOU!!  We have a nice line up of potential speakers for our student organizations this academic year!  If you would be interested in adding your name to a list of potential speakers, please send an email to



Dear AMAE Member,
The AMAE Communications Committee has been considering ways in which interactions between Academy members and the MAE faculty can be increased.  The purpose of the short survey, which has been e-mailed to members, is to identify possible research/project areas that your company is involved with that might benefit from the expertise of and collaboration with MAE faculty (which in turn would also benefit the faculty, their students, and the MAE department).  To that end, Dr. Ming Leu has provided information about the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technology (CAMT) and to seek help on CAMT Industrial Consortium membership recruitment. Click here to see Information on CAMT.

We appreciate you completing this survey for us!  Your response will remain active for 6 months.

The AMAE Communications Committee

To Take the Survey:   Copy and paste the following URL below into your internet browser:


Introduction to the Academy Power Point Presentation Developed for New MAE Faculty

In an effort to introduce the new faculty in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department to the support of this Academy, Dr. Drallmeier (MAE Dept Chair) and the Communications Committee have developed a power point presentation that will be distributed to newly hired faculty.  You can view the presentation by clicking this link: Introduction to the Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers.