Transformation of the Instructional Labs

Fluids Flow Laboratory

‌Being made possible by MAE Alumni, Jon (ME ‘73) and Barbara Jansky and Rob (ME ‘74) and Kathy Williams, the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering has initiated development of a new instuctional lab focused on teaching the principles of internal fluid flow, pump performance, measurement of fluid flow as well as the fundamentals of control systems as applied to flow control. The fluid dynamics laboratory is the first in a series of instructional laboratories to be redesigned and integrated into the curriculum. The facility is estimated to see more than 800 students per year. 

The department is on a mission to not only repair instructional laboratory equipment but to transform the laboratory experience for students. By creating experiment stations that can be used throughout a student’s curriculum, this serves three purposes: demonstrating fundamental engineering principles, teaching the fundamentals of engineering instrumentation and training the correct approaches to engineering experiment design. Each experimental station will be encountered by a student multiple times throughout their education, each time learning a new concept or principle. Besides making the facility more cost effective, the students also become familiar enough with the facility to be able to design and conduct their own experiments at the end of their program. 

Entering a new era of public funding, the quality of engineering education at Missouri S&T now hinges on the generosity of our alumni, friends and other interested constituencies. With the generous gifts by the Jansky and Williams families to fund the first instructional lab, the department is actively seeking alumni and corporate support to transform the remaining labs to better educate the next generation of engineering students.  With the ability to “experiment across the curriculum,” students will have the opportunity to more fully encounter the engineering principles taught in the classroom.  


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