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Laying a foundation for the next 100 years and beyond

Over the past century, the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Missouri S&T has grown from an initial department of 3 into the university's largest academic unit, with more than 1,000 students and 40 faculty members. That departmental growth comes as the university anticipates another year of record enrollment in 2016-17.

In honor of our centennial celebration, the department seeks gifts to create endowments for graduate fellowships and professorships and a distinguished lecture series. These commemorative naming opportunities are an investment in the department as we look to continue our progress and innovation for another 100 years, and longer.

How you can help

Endowed professorships allow a university to successfully recruit and retain national and world-caliber faculty by making the necessary resources available to them to support new initiatives in education and research. The Centennial Professorship is vital for the department to keep its place among our peers at the top national research universities. The professor who holds this named professorship will be a distinguished scholar, celebrated for teaching and research and for the caliber of intellectual rigor that inspires both. The funds generated by the Centennial endowment will be available to the Centennial Professor to use at his or her discretion in the pursuit of the institutional and departmental goals of world-class scholarship and research productivity.

The MAE Department is seeking to build two endowments for Centennial Professorships. The Centennial Professorship Endowment requires $1M total, currently $500k raised. Gifts larger than $1M include naming.

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Supporting students who pursue advance degrees in mechanical, aerospace and manufacturing engineering remains a top priority of the department. Graduate fellowships provide support vital to recruitment, retention and recognition. Our graduate students inspire the undergraduates they teach and also serve as creative and productive members of research teams. To attract the best students, it is essential to compete with the very best universities across the nation and around the world. Though our department provides outstanding educational and research opportunities through its excellent faculty, staff and facilities we must also remain competitive in terms of the amount of financial support we can offer. The Centennial Fellowships will allow our department to attract the highest quality graduate students, those who aspire to become the next generation of leading research engineers and faculty members.

The MAE Department is seeking to build four endowments for Centennial Graduate Fellowships and unlimited one-year Graduate Fellowships. The Centennial Graduate Fellowship Endowment requires a $50k gift, includes naming and the One-Year Graduate Fellowship requires a $5k gift, includes naming.

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The department seeks an endowment to fund the MAE Centennial Distinguished Lecture Series featuring world-renowned leaders in the mechanical, aerospace and related engineering disciplines. Each year, the department will invite and host a Centennial Distinguished Lecturer for a duration long enough to allow sufficient time to interact with S&T students and faculty.

Exposure to world-class practitioners in our fields will provide MAE department students and faculty with a broader perspective and concomitant inspiration to generate world-class ideas of our own.

The MAE Department is seeking to build one endowment for the Centennial Lecture Series. The Centennial Lecture Series requires a $100k gift, includes naming.

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For questions or more information, contact the MAE department at 573-341-4661 or email mae@mst.edu.