Centennial Events


September 1 – Centennial Seminar Series - Dr. Robert Wagner, Director of Fuels, Engines and Emissions Research Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

September 14 - MAE Centennial Kick-off 

September 16 – MAE Department Picnic



October 12 - Centennial Seminar Series - Mr. Wayne Garrett, Managing Director, IW Capital Partners

October 13 – Academy of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers Induction Dinner

October 14 – AMAE Membership meeting and Centennial Open House

October 17 – Centennial Seminar Series - Dr. James Friend, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California San Diego

October 22 – Pumpkin Chunkin’ Competition




December 8 – Centennial Seminar Series – Dr. Scott White, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, University of Illinois



February 2 - Centennial Seminar Series - Tim Barefield, Chief Operating Officer, Pershing Square Capital Management

February 23 – Centennial Seminar Series – Dr. Ronald Dougherty, Professor and Executive Associate Chair of Mechanical Engineering, Kansas University



Week of March 6 – AIAA - Build your own model airplane or rockets

Multi-night event of workshop and flying.



April 6 - MAE Centennial Banquet: Hasselmann Alumni House

April 11 - Distinguished Centennial Lecture Series - Dr. Galip Ulsoy, C.D. Mote Jr. Distinguished Univeristy Professor Emeritus and William Clay Ford Professor Emeritus of Manufacturing and Professor Emeritus of Mechanical Engineering, University of Michigan