ARE YOU LinkedIn? Join the AMAE Group!

As a new media to network we have created a LinkedIn group for professional development and connections among our faculty and the members of the academy.  This is a great place to collaborate on research ideas, share job opportunities for future graduates, and to network. 

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account or never have heard of it, it’s a social media platform that is professional in nature.  Founded in 2002, its main use is for professional networking, by 2013 there are over 259 members from over 200 countries.  It’s the ultimate networking tool.  Along with job postings and collaboration efforts, many members post interesting articles from Forbes and so on.  Along with our AMAE group, there are many other groups you can join that are related to the university.  There are many alumni groups as well as sectioned alumni groups.  I hope you consider joining us online!  Please request to join by clicking the link below.  You will be approved shortly.  If you have trouble with this link, please contact Kimber Crull at or call (573) 341-6767.