Robotics and Vehicle Systems

Associated Faculty 



Bala thumbnail

S. N. Balakrishnan
Curators' Distinguished Professor
271 Toomey Hall

Guidance, stability, control and estimation, pattern recognition, stochastic processes, optimization, neural network applications to control, numerical methods and design.

Associated Laboratories

Caterpillar Mechatronics Laboratory

The Precision Motion Control Laboratory

Manufacturing Automation and Control Laboratory (MAC Lab)

Acoustics Laboratory 

Space Systems Engineering Laboratory   
Bristow thumbnail Douglas Bristow
Assistant Professor
292C Toomey Hall

Dynamic modeling and control of micro- and nano-positioning systems, atomic force microscopes and additive manufacturing systems; volumetric error compensation; iterative learning control, multi-dimensional control, and signal processing.
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Kyle DeMars
Assistant Professor
337 Toomey Hall

Stochastic estimation and control theory; information theory; nonlinear uncertainty propagation and rectification; autonomous guidance, navigation, and control of aerospace vehicles; orbit determination, data association, conjunction assessment, and collision avoidance; attitude dynamics, determination, and control; autonomous sensor management; high-fidelity dynamical and observational modeling.  
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Walter Eversman
Curators' Distinguished Professor
280 Toomey Hall

Noise control, acoustics, vibrations, aircraft structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, systems and control.    
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Ryan Hutcheson
Assistant Teaching Professor
209 Interdisciplinary Engineering Building

Design theory and methodology, complex systems design and vehicle dynamics.    
 Dr. K. Krishnamurthy

K. Krishnamurthy
290 D Toomey Hall

 System dynamics, control, robotics, and neurotechnologies  
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Nishant Kumar
Assistant Teaching Professor
129 Toomey Hall

Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations, study of deterministic and random dynamical systems, model order reduction, theoretical modeling and numerical computation and structural dynamics.    
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Robert G. Landers
273A Toomey Hall

Manufacturing, systems, and control; modeling, analysis, monitoring, and control of manufacturing processes; metal cutting; laser metal deposition; freeze extrusion fabrication; friction stir processing; electro–hydraulics; control of tribologicial systems; and digital control applications.    

Henry Pernicka
Associate Professor
331 Toomey Hall

Astrodynamics, orbital mechanics, spacecraft design, spacecraft mission design, satellite attitude dynamics, nonlinear analysis, dynamics and control, optimization.