Micro/Nano Systems

Associated Faculty 

Bristow thumbnail Douglas Bristow
Assistant Professor
292C Toomey Hall

Dynamic modeling and control of micro- and nano-positioning systems, atomic force microscopes and additive manufacturing systems; volumetric error compensation; iterative learning control, multi-dimensional control, and signal processing.

Associated Labs

Laser-Based Manufacturing Laboratory

Nanoscale Optics Laboratory

Thermal Radiation Laboratory

Femtosecond Laser Nanophotonics Laboratory

Nanophotonics Laboratory

 Gao thumbnail

Jie Gao
Assistant Professor
229 Toomey Hall

Nanophotonics devices based on silicon photonics, plasmonics and metamaterials; Light-matter interactions in photonic nanostructures; Optical sensing; Quantum dots; Quantum optics and quantum information processing; solar energy harvesting; light emitting devices   
 Kinzel Thumbnail

Edward Kinzel
Assistant Professor
290C Toomey Hall

Infrared/optical antennas applied to energy transport, sensing, and manufacturing, metamaterials/frequency selective surfaces for engineering radiation properties, near-field radiation heat transfer, direct energy conversion and energy harvesting and laser based micro/nanomanufacturing including electronics packaging.  
Faculty Pan

Heng Pan
Assistant Professor
135 Toomey Hall

Additive manufacturing, Electronics and photonics manufacturing, Thermal/laser assisted manufacturing, Laser annealing and crystallization, High-throughput and low cost micro/nano-manufacturing, Solution processing of nanomaterials, Molecular dynamics simulation, Transport phenomena in nano-manufacturing processes    
Faculty Park

Jonghyun Park
Assistant Professor
127 Toomey Hall

Advanced li-ion battery, beyond li-ion battery, energy storage systems, renewable energy systems, grid energy storage systems, nano-/macro-mechanics of materials, self-assembly of nanoparticles, nanostructures, multiphysics/multiscale experiment and simulations

 ‌Tsai thumbnail

Hai-Lung Tsai
335 Toomey Hall

Laser applications in manufacturing and materials processing (welding, cutting, cladding, surface treating, brazing, rapid prototyping, micromachining), manufacturing process and modeling and analysis (heat/mass transfer, fluid flow, and thermal stress analysis by finite element or finite volume method).    
Dr. Wang

Cheng Wang
Assistant Professor
133 Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, micro/nano-scale heat and mass transport, interfacial phenomena, micro/nanofluidics, bioMEMS, lab-on-a-chip, micro/nano-fabrication, bubble dynamics, droplet dynamics, acoustics, acoustic streaming, electrohydrodynamics, electrokinetics, and multi-phase flow    
 Yang Thumbnail

Xiaodong Yang
Assistant Professor
227 Toomey Hall

Optical materials and devices in nanophotonics and plasmonics; Physics and applications of optical metamaterials; Nanoscale optomechanics, optical nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); Integrated optofluidic devices and optical sensors; Photon management for solar/thermal energy harvesting; Optical device micro-/nano-fabrication