Associated Faculty 

Bala thumbnail

S. N. Balakrishnan
Curators' Distinguished Professor
271 Toomey Hall

Guidance, stability, control and estimation, pattern recognition, stochastic processes, optimization, neural network applications to control, numerical methods and design.

Associated Laboratories

Fluid Dynamics Laboratory

Aerospace Simulations Laboratory

Composite Manufacturing Laboratory

Friction Materials Processing Laboratory

Acoustics Laboratory

Friction/Impact Testing Laboratory

Aerospace Plasma Laboratory

Space Systems Engineering Laboratory  

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K. Chandrashekhara
Curators' Distinguished Professor
188 Toomey Hall

Composite materials, smart structures, nanocomposites, biocomposites, structural dynamics, finite element analysis, damage monitoring, composite manufacturing and experimental characterization.
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Kyle DeMars
Assistant Professor
337 Toomey Hall

Stochastic estimation and control theory; information theory; nonlinear uncertainty propagation and rectification; autonomous guidance, navigation, and control of aerospace vehicles; orbit determination, data association, conjunction assessment, and collision avoidance; attitude dynamics, determination, and control; autonomous sensor management; high-fidelity dynamical and observational modeling.  
Dharani thumbnail

Lokeswarappa Dharani
Curators' Distinguished Professor
333 Toomey Hall

Aircraft structures, fracture mechanics, fatigue and failure analysis; micromechanics; composite materials and structures; process modeling of ceramic matrix composites; friction and wear of composites; and fracture of laminated glazing.  
Du thumbnail

Xiaoping Du
Associate Professor
272 Toomey Hall

Design optimization, multidisciplinary optimization design, probabilistic/statistical methods, system/structural reliability, robust design, kinematics, mechanism synthesis, and petroleum machinery.    
 Duan Small Thumbnail

Lian Duan
Assistant Professor
231 Toomey Hall

Direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES), high-speed transitional and turbulent flows, chemically reacting flows, laminar flow control and turbulent drag reduction, and large-scale, high performance computing.    
Eversman thumbnail

Walter Eversman
Curators' Distinguished Professor
280 Toomey Hall

Noise control, acoustics, vibrations, aircraft structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, systems and control.    
 Hosder thumbnail

Serhat Hosder
Associate Professor
290B Toomey Hall

Aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hypersonics, uncertainty quantification, multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO), flow control, robust design, numerical methods.    

K. M. Isaac
Professor/Associate Chair of Aerospace Engineering
194G Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, aero-structure interaction and control, active flow control, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), electrochemical magnetohydrodynamics-based microfluidics, CFD simulation of transport phenomena.

Mac Sithigh thumbnail

Gearoid Mac Sithigh
Associate Professor
182 Toomey Hall

Finite elasticity, viscoelasticity, liquid crystal hydrodynamics, solid and continuum mechanics.    
Pernicka thumbnail

Henry Pernicka
Associate Professor
331 Toomey Hall

Astrodynamics, orbital mechanics, spacecraft design, spacecraft mission design, satellite attitude dynamics, nonlinear analysis, dynamics and control, optimization.    
 Riggins thumbnail

David Riggins
Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor
184 Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, hypersonic propulsion systems, computational analysis of jet mixing, flow losses and mixing enhancement in combustors, aircraft gas turbine ramjet propulsion systems, and scramjet performance.    
 Faculty Josh Rovey

Joshua Rovey
Associate Professor/Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
194C Toomey Hall

Plasma aerospace applications, advanced space propulsion, plasma aerodynamics and flow control, plasma-enhanced combustion,
applications to energy systems, hypersonics/re-entry body plasma interactions, plasma physics and rarefied gas dynamics.
Faculty Wojnar

Charles S. Wojnar
Assistant Professor
233A Toomey Hall

Aerospace structures, active materials, mechanics of materials, continuum mechanics, micromechanics, manufacturing, experimental and computational solid mechanics.