ME 211 Linear Systems in Mechanical Engineering

Concepts of modeling mechanical systems as linear systems are studied and applied to hydraulic, pneumatic, and electromechanical systems. Analysis techniques described include matrix formulations, Laplace transforms, and time domain response methods.

ME 261 Analysis and Synthesis in Engineering Design

The philosophy of design is discussed using specific illustrations in the lecture. Individual and group design projects are carried out in the laboratory. These projects illustrate the application of engineering principles to the design and analysis of mechanical systems.

ME 279 Automatic Control of Mechanical Systems

Use of classical control methods to analyze mechanical systems. Topics include root locus, Bode plots, and Nyquist diagrams. Applications to design situations are examined.

ME 280 Control Systems Laboratory

Experiments dealing with data acquisition, manipulation, and control of systems with particular emphasis on computer data acquisition and control applied to mechanical engineering systems. Microcomputer systems are used as measurement and control devices.

ME/AE/EE/CompE 301 Mechatronics

This course will introduce the student to the basics of mechatronics (i.e., the integration of mechanical, electrical, computer, and control systems). Students will learn the fundamentals of sensors and actuators for mechanical systems, computer interfacing, microcontrollers, real-time software, and digital control. Laboratory exercises will augment lecture material and students will build an entire mechatronic system as a final course project. Upon successful completion of this course, the student will understand the fundamental issues in mechatronics and be able to utilize this knowledge in designing, analyzing, and implementing a mechatronic system.

ME 355 Automation in Manufacturing

Manufacturing automation at the workstation level. Topics include kinematic and geometric error modeling of manufacturing workstations, control system hardware, servomechanism modeling and control, CNC programming, dynamic simulation, PLCs and PCs, industrial robotics modeling and control, and manufacturing systems analysis.

ME/AE 381 Mechanical and Aerospace Control Systems

Synthesis of mechanical and aerospace systems to perform specific control functions. Response and stability are studied. Singular value analysis for stability margins is introduced.