GRADUATE PROGRAMS:MS Procedures and Regulations

The following pages contain regulations and procedures for MS students. Some of the information included here can be found in the current UMR Graduate Catalog, which takes precedence in case of discrepancies.

Admissions Requirements

Scholastic Requirements

Course Work Requirements: Thesis

Course Work Requirements: Non-Thesis

Dual MS Degree Regulations

Transfer Credit Regulations

Advising Regulations

Committee Regulations

Seminar Attendance Requirement

Enrollment Regulations

Step-by-Step Procedure for Regular Graduate Students-MS with Thesis

Step-by-Step Procedure for Regular Graduate Students-MS Non-Thesis

Step-by-Step Procedure for Conditional Graduate Students (Degree Candidates)

Graduate Form I Checklist (pdf)
- MSME: thesis - MSME: non-thesis - MSAE: thesis - MSAE: non-thesis