GRADUATE PROGRAM:Aerospace Core Curriculum

Effective for all new programs of study (Form VI) received by the department on or after 1/1/05.

Mathematics and Computer Science
MA 322 Vector and Tensor Analysis
MA 325Partial Differential Equations
MA 351 Introduction to Complex Variables
MA 303 Mathematical Modeling

Aerodynamics and Propulsion
AE 335 Aerospace Propulsion Systems
AE 339 Computational Fluid Mechanics
AE 369 Introduction to Hypersonic Flow
AE 371 V/STOL Aerodynamics

AE 313 Intermediate Dynamics of Mechanical and Aerospace Systems
AE 314 Spaceflight Mechanics
AE 361Flight Dynamics - Stability and Control
AE 381 Mechanical and Aerospace Control Systems

Materials and Structures
AE 311 Composite Materials in Aircraft Structures
AE 352 Finite Element Approximation I
AE 353 Aeroelasticity