Thermal-Fluid Sciences

Thermal-Fluid Sciences Associated Faculty


Al Crosbie
Curators' Distinguished Professor
270 Toomey Hall

Multidimensional radiative heat transfer, laser processing of materials, radiative heat transfer in combustion processes, microscale heat transfer, biomedical optics, interaction of radiation with conduction and convection, multiple scattering and polarization of laser beams, solutions of integral
equations and numerical heat transfer.

James A. Drallmeier
Chair/Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor
194I Toomey Hall

Combustion, laser based diagnostics for sprays and combustion, optical measurement systems, fuel injection, and internal combustion engines.
 Duan Small Thumbnail

Lian Duan
Assistant Professor
231 Toomey Hall

Direct numerical simulation (DNS) and large eddy simulation (LES), high-speed transitional and turbulent flows, chemically reacting flows, laminar flow control and turbulent drag reduction, and large-scale, high performance computing.
 Gao thumbnail

Jie Gao
Assistant Professor
229 Toomey Hall

Nanophotonics devices based on silicon photonics, plasmonics and metamaterials; Light-matter interactions in photonic nanostructures; Optical sensing; Quantum dots; Quantum optics and quantum information processing; solar energy harvesting; light emitting devices 

Kelly Homan
Associate Professor
329 Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, heat transfer, and thermodynamics of energy systems. Heat and mass transfer in buoyant flows, second-law and exergy analysis, numerical simulation of transport phenomena and experimental methods.
 Hosder thumbnail

Serhat Hosder
Associate Professor
290B Toomey Hall

Aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), hypersonics, uncertainty quantification, multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO), flow control, robust design, numerical methods.

K. M. Isaac
Professor/Associate Chair of Aerospace Engineering
194G Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, aero-structure interaction and control, active flow control, unmanned air vehicles (UAV), electrochemical magnetohydrodynamics-based microfluidics, CFD simulation of transport phenomena.

 Kinzel Thumbnail

Edward Kinzel
Assistant Professor
290C Toomey Hall

Infrared/optical antennas applied to energy transport, sensing, and manufacturing, metamaterials/frequency selective surfaces for engineering radiation properties, near-field radiation heat transfer, direct energy conversion and energy harvesting and laser based micro/nanomanufacturing including electronics packaging.
 Koylu thumbnail

Umit Koylu
290A Toomey Hall

Conventional Energy (combustion, IC engines, coal power plants, fluid and heat transport), Alternative Energy (characterization of solid oxide fuel cells, modeling of fuel cells, hydrogen technologies, 
alternative fuels, 
clean coal technologies), Environmental Science & Technology (air pollutants, particulates, measurement techniques), Various Fields (synthesis of nanoparticles, laser diagnostics, fire safety, thermal engineering)
 Kumar thumbnail

Nishant Kumar
Assistant Teaching Professor
129 Toomey Hall

Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations, study of deterministic and random dynamical systems, model order reduction, theoretical modeling and numerical computation and structural dynamics.
Faculty Park Jonghyun Park
Assistant Professor
127 Toomey Hall

Advanced li-ion battery, beyond li-ion battery, energy storage systems, renewable energy systems, grid energy storage systems, nano-/macro-mechanics of materials, self-assembly of nanoparticles, nanostructures, multiphysics/multiscale experiment and simulations

 Riggins thumbnail

David Riggins
Curators' Distinguished Teaching Professor
184 Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, hypersonic propulsion systems, computational analysis of jet mixing, flow losses and mixing enhancement in combustors, aircraft gas turbine ramjet propulsion systems, and scramjet performance.
 Faculty Josh Rovey

Joshua Rovey
Associate Professor/Associate Chair of Graduate Affairs
194C Toomey Hall

Plasma aerospace applications, advanced space propulsion, plasma aerodynamics and flow control, plasma-enhanced combustion,
applications to energy systems, hypersonics/re-entry body plasma interactions, plasma physics and rarefied gas dynamics.
 ‌Tsai thumbnail

Hai-Lung Tsai
335 Toomey Hall

Laser applications in manufacturing and materials processing (welding, cutting, cladding, surface treating, brazing, rapid prototyping, micromachining), manufacturing process and modeling and analysis (heat/mass transfer, fluid flow, and thermal stress analysis by finite element or finite volume method).
Dr. Wang

Cheng Wang
Assistant Professor
133 Toomey Hall

Fluid dynamics, micro/nano-scale heat and mass transport, interfacial phenomena, micro/nanofluidics, bioMEMS, lab-on-a-chip, micro/nano-fabrication, bubble dynamics, droplet dynamics, acoustics, acoustic streaming, electrohydrodynamics, electrokinetics, and multi-phase flow
 Yang Thumbnail

Xiaodong Yang
Assistant Professor
227 Toomey Hall

Optical materials and devices in nanophotonics and plasmonics; Physics and applications of optical metamaterials; Nanoscale optomechanics, optical nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS); Integrated optofluidic devices and optical sensors; Photon management for solar/thermal energy harvesting; Optical device micro-/nano-fabrication