Materials, Structures and Structural Dynamics Associated Faculty

Birman thumbnail

Victor Birman
Professor at the EEC in St. Louis

Composite material structures, biomechanics, smart structures and materials, structural dynamics and vibration, buckling and dynamic stability.
 KC thumbnail

K. Chandrashekhara
Curators' Distinguished Professor
188 Toomey Hall

Composite materials, smart structures, nanocomposites, biocomposites, structural dynamics, finite element analysis, damage monitoring, composite manufacturing and experimental characterization. 
Lianyi Chen

Lianyi Chen
Assistant Professor
233B Toomey Hall

Additive manufacturing, nanomanufacturing, smart manufacturing, solidification processing, laser materials processing, metal matrix nanocomposites, metallic glasses, materials for energy efficiency, materials for additive manufacturing, mechanical behavior of materials, and synchrotron radiation based x-ray scattering/imaging.
 Dharani thumbnail

Lokeswarappa Dharani
Curators' Distinguished Professor
333 Toomey Hall

Aircraft structures, fracture mechanics, fatigue and failure analysis; micromechanics; composite materials and structures; process modeling of ceramic matrix composites; friction and wear of composites; and fracture of laminated glazing.
 Eversman thumbnail Walter Eversman
Curators' Distinguished Professor
280 Toomey Hall
Noise control, acoustics, vibrations, aircraft structural dynamics and aeroelasticity, systems and control.
 Mac Sithigh thumbnail

Gearoid Mac Sithigh
Associate Professor
182 Toomey Hall

Finite elasticity, viscoelasticity, liquid crystal hydrodynamics, solid and continuum mechanics.
 Midha thumbnail Ashok Midha
Professor/Director of Product Innovation and Creativity Center
186 Toomey Hall
Mechanical design, rigid-body and compliant mechanism design, high-performance machinery analysis and design, machine vibration and stability.
 Okafor thumbnail Anthony Okafor
327 Toomey Hall
Manufacturing including machining, metalforming, machine tool dynamics, acoustic emission, sensors and signal processing, CNC, CAD/CAM, machine tool metrology, neural network and expert system applications; smart structures including intelligent health monitoring and damage assessment of composite structures; non-destructive evaluation.
Faculty Park

Jonghyun Park
Assistant Professor
127 Toomey Hall

Advanced li-ion battery, beyond li-ion battery, energy storage systems, renewable energy systems, grid energy storage systems, nano-/macro-mechanics of materials, self-assembly of nanoparticles, nanostructures, multiphysics/multiscale experiment and simulations

 Stutts thumbnail Daniel Stutts
Associate Professor
282 Toomey Hall

Dynamics, vibrations, modeling and development of piezoactuators and transducers-mechatronics, mechanics of bone, design of orthopedic implants, structural dynamics, optimal design and acoustics.

Faculty Wojnar Charles S. Wojnar
Assistant Professor
233A Toomey Hall
Aerospace structures, active materials, mechanics of materials, continuum mechanics, micromechanics, manufacturing, experimental and computational solid mechanics.