‌Fellowship Opportunity at Missouri S&T

GAANN Fellowship - The Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department is recruiting highly-motivated doctoral students in the area of mechatronics with applications to robotics, manufacturing, and space applications.

For more information: GAANN Brochure


Mathews and Kaiser Fellowship - Full Support Packages for NEW Outstanding PhD Applicants


The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation


Job Postings - Students and Alumni



Sandia National Laboratories

Multiple Opportunities - Summer Intern and Institute Opportunities


Intern and Co-op Opportunities

Technical Institute Programs

The Mechanics and Dynamics Research Institute Page


Academic - 

Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Aerospace Engineering

Air Force Institute of Technology

For more information: AFIT Open Faculty Position


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Syracuse University

For more information: https://www.sujobopps.com/ Use job number - 073115


4+ Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Aerospace Related Fields

Auburn University

For more information: 2017-AE Multiple Positions


Tenure-Track Faculty Position -  Robotics

New York University School of Engineering

For more information: MAE-ECE Robotices - 2017


Two Post-Doctoral Positions - Medical Robotics and MEMS 

Georgia Tech

For more information: Georgia Tech Doctoral Positions


Intel Corporation PhD Positions

Hillsboro, Oregon

For more information: The Portland Technology Development


Postdoctoral Position - Human Motor Control and Human-robot Interaction

Northeastern University

For more information: Position for a Postdoctoral Fellow in Human Motor Control


Postdoctoral Position in Robotics at SUTD

Singapore University of Technology and Design

For more information: Singapore University of Technology and Design Postions


Open-Rank Faculty Positions 

The University of Texas at Dallas

For more information: https://jobs.utdallas.edu/postings/6977


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Mechanical Engineering Department

California State University at Northridge

For more information: AA1_Mechatronics_F17_CSUN


Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Systems

California State University at Northridge

For more information: https://apply.interfolio.com/39435


Assistant/Associate Professor - Manufacturing Technologies

University of North Texas in Denton

For more information: https://facultyjobs.unt.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/Welcome_css.jsp


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor - Department of Mechanical and Process Engineering 

ETH Zurich

For more information: https://www.ethz.ch


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor - Robotics

UC San Diego Contextual Robotics Institute

For more information: https://apol-recruit.ucsd.edu/apply/JPF01284


REU Program - Physics and Astronomy

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

For more information: MN_REU_Flyer_2017


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Utah

For more information: https://utah.peopleadmin.com/postings/57162

An additional two open positions in the area of solid mechanics and thermal sciences are described here:


Three Faculty Positions - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Binghamton University

For more information about each position:

Dynamic Systems and Control 


Solid Mechanics


Three Faculty Positions - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Oregon State University

For more information: http://mime.oregonstate.edu/jobs


Four Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Cleveland State University

For more information:

Assistant Professor - Design - https://hrjobs.csuohio.edu/postings/6859

Assistant Professor - Energy - https://hrjobs.csuohio.edu/postings/6887

Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Industrial Motion Control - https://hrjobs.csuohio.edu/postings/6875

Assistant Professor or Lecturer in Mechanical Design - https://hrjobs.csuohio.edu/postings/6852


Assistant Professor - Energy/Thermofluid Sciences

Yeditepe University - Istanbul, Turkey

For more information: Yeditepe University Assistant Professor Opening


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor - Bioengineering/Advanced Solid Mechanics and Design

Loyola Marymount University

For more information: https://jobs.lmu.edu/ 


Four Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Department of Mechanical Engineering

Wichita State University

For more information: WSU-ME-2016-17 TT Positions Advertisement


Full-Time Faculty Position - Materials and Manufacturing

Western New England University

For more information: ME Faculty_Search_Ad_2017_Materials_&_Manufacturing


Two Faculty Positions - Department of Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics

University of Alabama

For more information: UA AEM Fall 2016


Faculty Positions - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University at Buffalo

For more information: UB.MAE.Faculty_Posting.16-17


Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Mechatronics, Robotics, and Mechanisms of Machinery

California State University, Northridge 

For more information: California State University, Northridge Job Positions


Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Rehabilitation Robotics and/or Medical Robotics

Vanderbilt University

For more information: ME Faculty Search Advertisement 2016-2017


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Energy Processes Department

Southern Illinois University Carbondale

For more information: SIUE_Tenure_Track_Faculty_Position


Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering

University of Portland

For more information: http://engineering.up.edu/ 


Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University

For more information: Brigham Young University ME Position


Non-Tenure-Track Instructor Position - Engineering Design, Solid Mechanics and Thermal-Fluids Sciences

Northern Arizona University

For more information: NAU Instructor position 2016


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Advanced Materials and/or Manufacturing Processes

Villanova University

For more information:  http://jobs.villanova.edu


Assistant Professor - Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Ohio State University

For more information: UAS Position Application


Assistant Professor - Mechatronics, Robotics, and Control Systems

Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

For more information:  http://www.siue.edu/employment/employmentopportunities/engineering/FY17-042.shtml


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Biomechanics, Musculoskeletal Kinematics, Bio-inspired Robotics and Mechatronics

Northern Arizona University

For more information: NAU Open Rank Faculty Position


Three Academic Faculty Openings - Reno Mechanical Engineering Department

University of Nevada

For more information: http://www.unr.edu/me/department/open-positions


Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Robotics and Controls and Scientific Computation

University of Pennsylvania

For more information:

               Robotics and Controls: http://facultysearches.provost.upenn.edu/postings/958

               Scientific Computation: http://facultysearches.provost.upenn.edu/postings/985


Three Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Advanced Manufacturing, Energy Systems, and Aerospace Engineering

Rutgers Univsersity

For more information: https://apply.interfolio.com/38391


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Autonomous Systems/Robotics

University of Kentucky

For more information: UK_ME_Tenure-Track Position


Lecturer Position (non tenure-track) - Mechanical Engineering Department

University of Kentucky - extended campus in Paducah

For more information: UK_ME_Paducah_Lecturer_Position


Three Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Combustion , Design & Advanced Manufacturing, and Dynamic Systems and Control 

Virginia Tech

For more information: Virginia Tech ME-Open positions


Two Assistant Professor Openings - Mechanical Engineering

University of West Florida Pensacola and Fort Walton Beach

For more information: https://jobs.uwf.edu/postings/5054


Assistant Professor - Advanced Manufacturing

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

For more information: WPI - ME - Two Faculty Positions


Associate/Full professor - Physical Metallurgy

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

For more information: WPI - ME - Two Faculty Positions


Tenure-Track Assistant Professor - Heat Transfer/Thermodynamics or Materials Engineering.

Saint Martin’s University

For more information: 2016 Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering


Teaching-track Faculty Position - Engineering Design

McMaster University - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Engineer Design Posting - McMaster


Tenure track Assistant Professor - Mechanical Engineering

Trinity College

For more information: https://trincoll.peopleadmin.com/postings/1194


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Dynamic Systems and Control 

Syracuse University

Online application can be done at http://www.sujobopps.com‚Äč with job number 072873


Two Open Faculty Positions - Soft Robotics and Advanced Manufacturing and Aerospace Structures/Mechanics.

University of Southern California

For more information:  http://ame-www.usc.edu/facultypositions/newFac.shtml


Assistant Professor - Department of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering

Illinois Institute of Technology

Open until filled 

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: http://engineering.academickeys.com/job/meysop0q/Faculty_Positions?q=iit


Assistant Professor - The Department of Mechanical Engineering - Position in Design

Binghamton University

Open until filled

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: https://binghamton.interviewexchange.com/jobofferdetails.jsp;jsessionid=FE383A65FFCE8C625FFA1B5D1295D95C?JOBID=75993


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Thermal and Fluid Sciences

Case Western Reserve University

Start: Fall 2017 

For more information: Case Western Faculty Position Application


Tenure-Track Assistant or Associate Professor

Catholic University of America

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF AMERICA - Faculty Opening: Associate/Assistant Profes


Tenure-Track Faculty Position - Aerospace Engineering 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: MANE Faculty Opening AERO


PHD Position - Laboratory for Control and Information Systems - Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Maryland



4 Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Various Areas

Mississippi State University

For more information: Faculty Positions - Mississippi State University


Assistant/Associate/Full Professors - Mechanical Engineering

University of Massachusetts Lowell

For more information: https://jobs.uml.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp?time=1477515852441


Assistant or Associate Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering - PC College of Engineering

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

For more information: https://ebs.erau.edu/OA_HTML/OA.jsp?OAFunc=IRC_VIS_VAC_DISPLAY&OAMC=R&p_svid=62383&p_spid=1615937&p_lang_code=US


Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Stanford University School of Medicine

For more information: Stanford University School of Medicine


Tenure-Track/Faculty Position - Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

Kansas State University

For more information: Kansas State University Open Positions


Two Tenure-Track Faculty Positions - Space/Astronautics and Unmanned Aerial Systems

University of Alabama

For more information: https://facultyjobs.ua.edu/postings/39463


Tenure-Track Faculty - Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of Bridgeport

For more information: FacultySearch_University_of_Bridgeport


Teaching Assistant Professor - Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

University at Buffalo, State University of New York

For more information: Teaching Assistant Professor Positions


Assisstant/Associate/Full Professor

University of Cincinnati

For more information: University of Cincinnati Job Openings


Assistant and Associate Professor Tenure Positions - Department of Aerospace Engineering

Iowa State University

For more information: Iowa State Positions


Tenure-Track/Faculty Position - Biomedical Sensors and Nanotechnology - Department of Mechanical Engineering

San Diego State University

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: Biomedical Sensors and Nanotechnology Position


Assistant Professor - Computational Modeling of Material Systems - Department of Mechanical Engineering

San Diego State University

Start: Fall 2017

For more information: San Diego State University Job Opening


Open Rank/ Tenure-Track Faculty 

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Open until filled

For more information: https://jobs.rose-hulman.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp?time=1446152374126


Assistant Professor - Fluid Mechanics / Thermodynamics

Michigan Technological University

For more information: MTU - Fluid Mechanics / Thermodynamics Assistant Professor


Biomechanics Assistant Professor - Engineering Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Technological University

For more information: MTU - Biomechanics Assistant Professor


Three Assistant Professor Positions - Engineering Mechanics - Mechanical Engineering

Michigan Technological University

For more information: MTU - Three Tenure Track Assistant Professors


Computational Biomechanics Research Laboratory - University of Illinois, Chicago

PhD Positions 

Available until: Spring 2017 and Fall 2017

For more information: University of Illinois - Chicago - Computational Biomechanics Research Lab


University of Notre Dame - College of Engineering - Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Post-Doctoral Researcher

For more information: Notre Dame Post-Doctoral Researcher


Assistant/Associate Professor - College of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott

For more information: Assistant/Associate Professor Position Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Dwight Look College of Engineering - Texas A&M University College Station

Ph.D. Assistantships and PostDoc Positions

For more information: TAMU - Ph.D. Assistantships and PostDoc


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